Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recycle Your Holiday Candles!

Repurposed Candle DIYHere is a picture of what my candles look like after the holidays....grubby and spent.   I burn my fingers every time I try to light the inch-and-a-half of wax at the bottom.  Even with all the finger burns and ugly jars displayed around my house, I somehow still can't bring myself to throw them away.

I feel like I'm throwing away Christmas.

Okay, time to grow up and get over it.  I finally found a great solution to this problem. 

Kara at Happy Go Lucky melts her hodge podge of candles down to create a tiered candle of different scents.  Please visit her blog for her tutorial {here} and you never have to feel like you're throwing away Christmas again! {okay, maybe that's just me}


Tip:  when you're doing this, make sure the candles scents you're using tell a similar story.  What I mean by this is don't mix evergreen with sea mist with lavender with Christmas cookie, or you'll end up with a headache like I did the first time I burned my concoction.  If you have enough candles that could be remelted, think about using similar scents and similar colors.  The results will be beautiful!


  1. I never thought to do this. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Thank you Marie, I hope you have fun with this green craft!


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