Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8 fresh looks for old doors { inspiration file }

I've been obsessed with old doors lately.  I'd love to try some painting and building techniques using old doors, but I don't want to over commit, so for right now, I'm sticking to pictures.  : )
Here are a few of my favorite repurposed door images.  Enjoy!

  1. Make a bookcase and then organize your books by color!  { source:  Apartment Therapy }
  2. Use a barn door as a backdrop behind your headboard { source:  Our Vintage Home Love }
  3. Join a few doors and make a room divider { source: HGTV.com }
  4. Go horizontal and make a cool table { source:  The Old Lucketts Store }
  5. Paint with chalk paint and write a favorite quote { source:  Examiner }
  6. Repaint it and create a headboard { source:  Martha Stewart }
  7. Make a new kitchen table { source:  Fabulous Finishes }
  8. Create an awesome industrial looking coffee table { source:  The Old Lucketts Store }


  1. Thanks for stopping at the Party in Paris Fridays Blog Hop. I love this "old door" repurpose concept. I need a head board... hmmm.



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