Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11 things to do with an old dictionary { inspiration file }

Yes, dictionaries can be repurposed into beautiful objects of art.  Take a peek!

  1. Decoupage a focal wall { source:  Apartment Therapy }
  2. Whip up some paper flowers { source:  Junk Shop Bride }
  3. Wear your words { source: Silver Trumpet }
  4. Craft a wonderful wreath { source:  Just Drink a Coke }
  5. Create some silhouette art of your pets { source:  Crafted Niche }
  6. Transfer an image onto a melamine plate { source:  Black Barouque }
  7. Make some quirky and lovely 3D art { source:  Celadon Home }
  8. Make a beautiful butterfly mobile { source:  Royal Buffet }
  9. Punch out some thank you or gift tags { source:  Crafty Clementines
  10. Refinish a dresser { source:  Mod Podge Rocks
  11. Print a vintage image out for some instant art { source:  Black Baroque }  


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my silhouette prints. What a great surprise! Glad you liked them :-)

  2. You're welcome. They're really awesome and the tutorial on your blog was great. Thank you!


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