Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make the Best Lotion...Ever

Here is a great recipe for my favorite make it yourself hand and foot cold cream.  Three simple ingredients and that's it!

This stuff is great for cracked hands and feet.   You can also slather it on your feet and then wear socks to bed so it can soak in to your skin.

The Best Lotion...Ever
  • 16 oz. Johnson & Johnson's baby lotion {I like the bedtime lotion; the lavender smell is great!}
  • 8 oz. Vaseline
  • 8 oz. Vitamin E Cream
1.  Blend all three ingredients together with an electric mixer until it has the consistency of icing.

2.  Package in small containers and enjoy!

*If you want to make smaller batches, just be sure you keep the following ratio:  2 parts baby lotion to 1 part Vaseline to 1 part vitamin E cream.*

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