Friday, January 13, 2012

The Friday 5 - Vintage Cameras

I love, love, love vintage cameras.  Even if they're no longer functional, why not repurpose them as a great piece of three dimensional art?  Here are five great looks for vintage cameras that get my heart racing!

{1}  How much do you adore this vintage camera repurposed as a nightlight?

{2}  A no longer functioning camera is transformed into a lamp.


{3}  Reclaimed wood made into a shelf for a camera.

{source:  Mamie Jane's}

{4}  I love these vintage cameras with simple black frames around them.

{5}  These bookends made from an old camera and game pieces are so clever!

So the truth is that cameras on a shelf are art in an of themselves, but there are also so many wonderful ideas for repurposing cameras out there too.  I hope you'll think of me next time you see an old camera at a flea market or swap meet!

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