Friday, January 6, 2012

The Friday 5 - Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases have loads of style, are sturdy, and make some of the most interesting pieces of furniture I've ever seen!  Here are some favorites for this week.

{1}  A very organic looking, yet very precise wall of suitcases.  This studio is to die for!

{source:  Rieke Studios in Santa Fe, New Mexico}

{2}  This suitcase turned bar is to die for!  How great would this be in an apartment or in a man cave?

{source:  Vanity Case Etsy Shop}

 {3}  The only question I have for the makers of this suitcase table, is how in the world did they get all of those different suitcases to even out?
{source:  Elements of Style}

{4}  Suitcase chair with leather upholstery.  I love the tags dangling down!

{source:  REcreate}

{5}  A suitcase of shelves or shelves filled with suitcases?

{source:  This Made My Day on Tumblr}

I cannot believe that vintage suitcases came in so many varieties, colors, and sizes.  So many creative people out there making wonderful furniture pieces out of them too!

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