Thursday, January 5, 2012

A few tips for working with pallets

Here are a few tips about repurposing pallets that I've collected from some of my DIY buds.  I hope these can help you before you attempt one of my favorite industrial trend projects!

1.  Finding Them.  They're easy to find.  Most people tell me that industrial parks and around the back of home improvement stores & shopping centers are the best place to find pallets.  Please make sure you ask before you take them.  Sometimes they are not free and you don't want anyone chasing you down!

2.  Working with Them.  Anyone I know who has ever worked with pallets tells me that they are difficult to get apart.  After all, they're made to hold hundreds of pounds, so I guess that should be a no-brainer, but I never thought about it before.  Just work carefully, and be prepared to sweat if you plan to take them apart.  You may want to bribe a strong friend or employ some power tools.
3.  Cleaning Them.  Not that you can really tell when these collect dust {until it's way too late}, but this tip will help you avoid splinters.  If you make furniture or storage out of pallets, the best way to clean them is to use a vacuum with a brush attachment.

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