Friday, January 20, 2012

The Friday 5 - Vintage Dress Forms

A picture I took for The Lucketts Store Design House.

I'm totally in love with dress forms this week for some reason.  I pinned a bunch to my Pinterest account.

From time to time, we get vintage dress forms in the shop.  Usually they're in the $200-$600 range, but lately, they just haven't been getting many in.

I found out that even for experienced treasure hunters and pickers, THEY are having a tough time finding these nowadays.  So of course, where do you go when you can't find what you need?...the internet!

I scoured around and found a few favorites out there, but they're mostly early 1900's versions and many easily  ranged from $750 and up.  Here are the results of my labor...enjoy and have a great weekend!

{1} Late 1800's version found on eBay for, gulp, $1,000!  This one is 54" tall and came from an estate sale in Ohio.

{2} This one is early 1900's.  It stands 4' 6" tall with a 21" round skirt and costs $795.

{3} Not sure of the era on this one, but another example of a cage dress form.

{4}  This one extends to 43" tall.  I love how the photographer offset the form in this picture against that dark concrete wall.  Pretty!

{5} These are really exciting....well to me anyway!  Here is a pair from France circa 1750!  These are still available from Coup d'Etat in San Francisco.  One is listed as 6' 2" tall and the other is 6' 6" tall.  No price listed for the pair, I can't imagine...

Have a lovely weekend!

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