Saturday, January 21, 2012

Message in a bottle

What's better to count down the days until Valentine's Day than a message in a bottle each day for your sweetheart?

All you need is a small bottle with a cork and a small piece of paper.  Write a special message on the paper and stick in the bottle.  Then place in a spot your loved one will see it.

You can also embellish the bottle or write your message in a neat font, but I like the simpler, handwritten version myself.

I found a bunch of these a few months back at Anthropologie.  At $16 each, I thought that was a little crazy.  You can certainly make this for literally less than $1 per message.

Save-On-Crafts has a bunch of options for the bottles.  There are several lots of 12 where each bottle is less than $1.  Also try your thrift stores and craft stores.

I snapped this picture on my phone of an example I saw while I was in the Anthropologie store.  I love how they used some twine to wrap the message.  It makes the paper more compact and easier to remove from the bottle.

Nothing like a daily love note washing up on your bedside table each morning!


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