Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Use what you have wrapping {wrapping ideas}

I'm in love with brown kraft paper wrapping this season.  I think I'm attracted to the earthy tones and effortless, easy look that comes with it.

Pairing brown paper wrapping with other materials around the house can really yield some beautiful results.  I've looked for a few inspirational ideas that can be done on the cheap.   Here are a few favorites I've collected on my Pinterest account.  Enjoy!

I love this example of brown paper {you could use brown remnant fabric too}  with an old scarf made in to fabric roses.

I just love the use of a strip of burlap or burlap ribbon, fastened with a button.  So simple and yet so elegant.

I just love how a vintage doily combined with a button and ribbon really make this wrapping job look more formal.

I've found another use for my Cricut!  I've seen variations of this name theme using old book paper, scrapbook paper, sheet music, and maps.  I'd recommend using photocopies of paper so it goes through the Cricut more easily --- I've had some interesting results trying to run old dictionary pages, maps, and vintage sheet music through my cutter - yikes!

I just love the simplicity of this candy-striped ribbon with a simple handmade tag.


  1. I just love these wrapping ideas; love that they're so much more personal in feel, in addition to the recycling/repurposing. :-)

  2. Thanks Ellen - I was surprised at how beautiful some brown kraft paper could look until I started searching around.


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