Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday flameless candles gift idea { easy candle DIY }

Here is a super-simple idea to jazz up some flameless candles for the holidays.  My friend first made these for Halloween with some vintage dictionary pages { the ones with the scary pictures } and she just made a bunch for her shop for the Christmas season.   I think they'd make a great gift too!

So you know the flameless candles you can buy?  They're very pretty plain white, but you can easily add vintage papers to make them extra special for the holidays.  I found mine at COSTCO, but I've also seen them everywhere, including WalMart.

{ source }

All you need to do is go in to your stash of vintage papers and cut the paper to size.  If you don't want to use vintage papers, you can made a photocopy of your favorites, use some printed tissue paper, or find some great graphics online.  Next, all you need to do is put a coat of Mod Podge on the candle { don't worry, the candle won't ever get hot enough to melt the Podge }.  When dry, give the paper another coat to seal your work.  And you're done!

My friend resized the paper so it only covered half of the candle.  This way she could turn it around and still have a regular side when it wasn't the holiday season.  It's your choice.


  1. Oooo I'm going to enjoy following you!

  2. Thank you Denise! I'm glad you're finding a few things you want to try : )


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