Saturday, November 12, 2011

Frosted candles { candle DIY under $5 }

Do you have some candles lying around that need a little pick me up?  Candles that have been hanging around so long, they've started to collect dust?  Maybe you saw some Dollar Store pillars that were too cute to pass up, but they just don't work now that they're home.  Maybe you have a box of candles that your mom gave you that have followed you for ten years and three houses that you didn't have the heart to throw out but never knew what to do with?  Oh okay, maybe that last one is just me.

Anyway, I found a cute way to dress up some inexpensive candles for the holidays.  It literally takes less than a $5 bill and five minutes.  My kind of project!

First things first.  You'll need your candles, some matte Mod Podge, a foam brush, and a carton of Epsom salts { I found mine in my grocery store in the health supplies section, NOT the baking section }.   It helps if you have a baking pan or jelly roll pan too - some sort of container with sides, but even a plate can work.

Pour the Epsom salts in your baking pan, just covering the bottom.  Spread a liberal, even coat of Podge on your candle { below }.

Now just roll your candle in the salts until they are covered with icy goodness { below }.

Now set aside standing up to dry, and you're done.  That's really it!  Here is my box of hard up candles before...

And here they are after they've been frosted { below }.

From mismatched candles hit with the ugly stick... icy candles kissed by a winter fairy!

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  1. What a great idea Emily - I am for sure going to try this -and I think I have everything on hand! Even the candles hit with an ugly stick! :) I'm your newest member following your blog (I found your work on Graphic Fairy) - I haven't taken the plunge yet into blogging. (Too busy reading others!)

  2. Thank you Carmen. You should make some for the holidays. I just love how the salt looks like ice crystals. I know what you mean about reading all those blogs --- it's like going down a rabbit hole where one blog leads to another, to another, to another project etc. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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