Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vintage awards...reimagined { inspiration file }

I'm always excited when I see a vintage or antique item bound for the trash pile that can be rescued and reimagined. In fact, some of these items are downright beautiful when given the chance to show off their colors, form & texture.

Since I'm on the theme of vintage show ribbons for some reason, I wanted to share a few pictures of how vintage awards are being rescued and reimagined in interior design.

This designer was able to find just the right hues to complement the bedspread in this child's room to make some wall art.
{ photo: Francine Zaslow }

A trophy reworked into a bedside table lamp with a chic grey shade.
{ photo: The New Victorian Ruralist }

Goodwill to modern art. A cool tutorial on how Denise at the Pink Postcard breathed some life into these Goodwill trophies.
{ photo: Pink Postcard }

A while back, Ballard was on the trophy kick too and offered old trophies as beverage coolers.
{ photo: Ballard Designs }

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