Thursday, October 20, 2011

A cool train station bench { inspiration file }

I work at The Old Lucketts Store in Leesburg, Virgina a few times a month as well as take pictures of the shop and post them weekly.  The store offers endless inspiration, and truly unique examples of recycled and repurposed furniture.

I wanted to share an awesome bench I featured on their website this week.

The owner purchased an antique train station bench.  She painted the bench and added a utilitarian fabric to the seats and back to make it more comfortable.  The result is a wonderful three seater bench that would look perfect as bench seating in a dining room, entryway or large living room.

Here's what the bench likely looked like before the redo...

{ photo:  The Arts and Crafts Society forums }

And here it is after some new life was breathed in to it...

{ photo:  The Old Lucketts Store }

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